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  • Provision Management Intervention Record: inclusive practice


    Tool - 09 Feb 2016 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    Whenever an intervention is being delivered it is important that its delivery and effectiveness are monitored and evaluated. This template has been designed to help you do this.

  • Collaborative Learning for SEN: SENCo Workbook

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    01 May 2015 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    This resource supports the Collaborative Learning for SEN training which is designed to enable SENCOs to help teachers to meet the needs of children and young people with SEN, through a strategic approach to CPD. This is being delivered as a series of free training events for members. For further information download the guidance document which emphasises a collaborative approach at all stages of the planning, implementing and reviewing process.

  • Pupil passport: person-centred practice and pupil voice


    Tool - 01 Jan 2014 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    This resource is an example of a pupil passport. Pupil Passports are a means of outlining a pupil’s key strengths, needs and the strategies and key adjustments to teaching needed every day. They provide a useful vehicle for meaningful discussion around learning between the teacher and the pupil, involving them positively in discussing effective approaches to enable better engagement.