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Thank you for your interest in nasen, the UK’s leading educational charity and professional association for SEN/ALN. Annual membership has never been more important, offering access to all the latest news and information that will support you in identifying and meeting the needs of children and young people.

Nasen Membership Provides:

  • The latest SEND resources supporting work at a strategic level and practically, day-to-day, in the classroom,
  • Regular SEND news, information, and updates to policy and practice,
  • Six issues of Special magazine,
  • Regular membership and events newsletters,
  • Opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD),
  • Discounted access to regular SEND training days and conferences,
  • Discounted rates at nasen Live,
  • National and international representation opportunities on behalf of nasen,
  • Collaborative, supportive network of co-members and opportunity to join nasen Advisory Group.

Nasen Online Journals Provide:

  • Unlimited digital access to over 25 years’ worth of academic SEND articles
  • Access to 3 professional journals- The British Journal of Special Education, Support for Learning and JORSEN
  • An easy to use journal search engine and direct journal links
  • Exclusive Apple App for journal access