nasen Live!

Welcome to nasen Live 2016, the North of England’s premier SEN event for all education professionals

Nasen Live is almost here and online registration and seminar bookings have now closed. If you would like to book seminar tickets at nasen Live, please arrive well in advance of the start of seminars you would like to attend to avoid disappointment.

Nasen Live provides the opportunity for SENCOs, teachers and all practitioners to refresh and update their knowledge, learn from evidence-based practice and feel supported throughout the coming year.

With a professional community of ongoing support for everyone attending, and a whole range of opportunities for delegates to learn and examine what good practice looks like, delegates can plan their school training day around the seminar programme and briefings.

What better way to spend a day immersed in SEND expertise, enthusiasm and support?

This year nasen Live is being held on 29 - 30 April in an exciting new venue

The Royal Armouries in Leeds is a multi-million pound venue located at Leeds Dock – a vibrant, flexible, contemporary workspace only a short distance from the centre of Leeds. Read more about the venue here .

To broaden the audience of visitors, and to improve accessibility for those who find it difficult to take time out of their busy working week to attend, nasen Live will be held on a Saturday for the first time.