SEND Handbook

£ 4.95

This handy, pocket-sized book provides all the information you need to know about the current legislation for SEND, including statutory and non-statutory requirements for effective practice.

This essential handbook covers the following chapters in detail:

1. The historical perspective of SEND
2. The Children and Families Act explained
3. The SEND Code of Practice
4. The role and responsibilities of the SENCO
5. Ofsted's Common Inspection Framework and the implications for SEND
6. The pupil premium grant
7. Effective adult support
8. Pupil-centred planning leading to better outcomes for children and young people
9. The role of the governing body
10. Provision management and mapping
11. Engagement with children, young people and families
12. Transition
13. Preparing for adulthood and employment
14. SEND acronyms