Everybody included

Guidance - 01 Jan 2014

Everybody Included aims to support schools and settings with preparation for SEND reform by offering advice, information and examples of good practice.

Drawing on the experience and expertise across sectors has resulted in a comprehensive range of materials and guidance for all settings. Everybody Included has information and advice about :

  • The graduated approach
  • The legal framework
  • Assessment
  • The local offer
  • Personal budgets

Recent resources

  • Common SEND Acronyms

    19 Mar 2019 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    This Common SEND Acronym Index provides users with a comprehensive summary of commonly used terms.

  • Comparing school data with national data for SEN

    04 Mar 2019 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    This resource brings together many of the sources of SEN data to enable schools to make comparisons between their own overall data for SEN and that aggregated nationally.

  • Support Staff Observation Tool

    28 Feb 2019 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    This fully editable tool, which can be completed electronically, has been designed to help scaffold the observation process.