Best Practice for 2E children


Guidance - 03 Mar 2017

2E ('twice exceptional') children are those children with SEND who are also exceptionally able in a particular area; these children's needs are often not identified and met, which means that we may be missing out on their talents and potential. This article, originally published in 'Special' in September 2016, looks into this area in more detail, including nasen's links with Professor Stephen Hawking.

Children with 'dual exceptionality', sometimes referred to as '2E' or 'twice exceptional', are generally not  considered to be a group that require educational investment. Dr Adam Boddison, nasen's CEO, has a particular interest in this area, and in this article he discusses what being '2E' means, and some of the organisations that support children with these needs.
Read the article here  Best practice for 2E children Special September 2016

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