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  • Webinar Slides - Acquired Brain Injury

    23 May 2018 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    This webinar explores acquired brain injury and some practical suggestions for using effective practice to meet the needs of a child.

  • Becoming Trauma Informed

    Guidance - 05 Mar 2018

    This useful info graphic poster from the March 2018 edition of nasen Connect, outlines 9 simple steps that schools can take to help them become more trauma informed. This is to better support those children and young people that may have had Adverse Childhood Experiences. Text by Becky White from Adoption UK,

  • Webinar Slides - An Introduction to social, emotional and mental health

    12 Feb 2018 Gold AND Silver Member Only

    Presented by Alison Wilcox, Head of Education, this webinar explores what we mean by 'social, emotional and mental health' and how schools can start to think about their approach to this area.

  • Information summary for transition

    24 Jan 2018 Gold AND Silver Member Only

    This is a useful tool which you could use to summarise and collate the essential information you need about children and young people with SEND at transition points.

  • Top tips for pupil passports

    Tips - 17 Oct 2017 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    Pupil passports are an important tool within wider person-centred working and lots of schools and settings use them. Have a look at these suggestions for how you can ensure that you are using them effectively, or to help you to start using them, so that they can contribute to improved outcomes for children and young people with SEND.

  • Questions for governors/trustees to ask about SEND

    Guidance - 23 May 2017 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    This resource has questions for school governors or trustees to ask their SENCO and other senior executive leaders about SEND.

  • School Well-being: promoting mental health in schools: inclusive practice

    #SEMH #well-being #mentalhealth

    Guidance - 24 Feb 2017

    Written by Jagdish Kaur Barn, an educational psychologist at FocusPsychology, the article discusses how schools might evaluate their current practice regarding mental health, and how they could begin to improve practices in order to promote positive mental health for their pupils. This article originally appeared in 'Special' in July 2016.

  • Personalisation and Person centred planning: person centred practice and pupil voice


    Guidance - 19 Jun 2015 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    Exploring how personalisation works within the setting/school/college context, including describing person centred assessment and planning approaches used in Leicester City, a Pathfinder authority. We will also develop links between person centred planning with pupil progress and outcomes.

  • Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers


    Information - 09 Jun 2015

    This guide aims to: - remind school staff of the requirement to work in partnership with parents and carers - consider the benefits of engaging parents and carers - explore what effective engagement with parents and carers looks like - set out what schools and settings can do to improve their engagement with parents and carers.