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  • Developing Evidence Based Practice

    Guidance - 06 Oct 2017 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    In this podcast, Michael Surr, Education Development Officer at nasen, talks with Heidi Elsmore about how her school used an evidence based approach to improve provision for their learners with SEN.

  • Strategic Workforce Development for SEND


    Guidance - 06 Oct 2017

    This is a cyclical, 9 step process which covers identification of areas for development, effective planning to address these area and then reviewing impact to identifying what will need to happen next. This process was created to support early years providers, schools and further education professionals to continue improving their approaches to professional learning.

  • Webinar Slides - An Introduction to Using Interventions Part 2


    Other - 08 Jun 2017 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    Presented by Alex Grady, Educational Development Officer, this webinar, the second in a series, explores what the effective implementation of interventions entails, and what you need to do to help ensure that YOUR interventions have the desired impact.

  • Questions for governors/trustees to ask about SEND

    Guidance - 23 May 2017 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    This resource has questions for school governors or trustees to ask their SENCO and other senior executive leaders about SEND.

  • SEND Terminology - overview

    #4nations #sendvocabulary

    Information - 29 Mar 2017

    Each of the 4 nations of the UK has its own system of Education which means that as well as differences in language there are also differences in terminology, particularly around SEND. This handy table provides a good starting point for translating terms from each nation to make research, reports, practice etc. accessible regardless of your national context.

  • Webinar Slides - Person Centred Working


    Other - 03 Mar 2017 Gold Member Only

    Presented by Michael Surr, Education Development Officer at nasen. This webinar explored the principles of person centred practice including the importance the SEND code of practice places upon them and how they can have a positive impact on practice. We will then look at a selection of practical tools that will help you to begin working in a person centred way.

  • Out of Sight! Youth Custody

    Information - 01 Jan 2015 Silver AND Gold Member Only

    Historically special educational provision for young people in custody has been largely overlooked, says Malcolm Collins, but now the new SEND Code of Practice has gone some way towards recognising their needs