nasen Recognised Teacher of SEND

Our vision: All children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) have full access to the best possible education which meets their individual needs. All teachers are effective in meeting the needs of the children and young people with SEND.

Our mission: To improve the quality of education for children and young people with SEND by supporting teachers to meet their needs.

Become a Recognised Teacher of SEND and make a visible commitment to the principles of inclusion. Learn more about the award below.

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We know that outcomes for children and young people with SEND are not as good as we would want them to be and that they are excluded from schools at the highest rate of all pupils. We also know that many children with SEND are socially and economically disadvantaged, adding to their potential level of overall vulnerability. Many parents say that they lack confidence in the ability of teachers to meet the needs of their child and some teachers report their own lack of confidence in SEND. For all these reasons, we are aiming to raise the profile of best practice for SEND.

A crucial part of being an effective teacher, one who makes a positive difference to the academic and social outcomes of all children and young people, is nurturing and maintaining professional curiosity. Professional curiosity about how to enable every child to access and fully benefit from their education. When a child has SEN, they need teachers who are committed to finding the best way to help them learn. These are teachers who are flexible and reflective, who seek out colleagues with whom to collaborate or from whom to learn, and who take a solution-focused approach. They see education as a partnership between school and home and understand the benefits of person-centred working. This is the model for all teachers and one on which our Recognised Teacher of SEND is securely based.

Recognised Teacher of SEND FAQs

Why become a nasen Recognised Teacher of SEND?

By choosing to become a nasen Recognised Teacher of SEND, you are making a visible commitment to the principles of inclusion. nasen would hope to see all teachers make this commitment and evidence it through every aspect of their professional life, from how they work in productive and dynamic partnership with parents, families and children, through to prioritising their own continuous learning around SEND. Whilst every teacher is indeed a teacher of SEND and has professional responsibilities to meeting needs, nasen recognises that some teachers develop their expertise further, have a particular interest in this field and demonstrate unwavering commitment to supporting children, young people with SEND and supporting colleagues in driving improvement in their schools and beyond.

Achieving this award with a professional body for SEND evidences your commitment to effectively meeting the needs of your learners. Doing so can also help your school to prioritise and drive improvement in SEND.

Becoming a nasen recognised Teacher of SEND formally acknowledges the value of your work and professional advancement in the pursuit of the best possible educational opportunities for learners with SEND.


Am I eligible?

This award is open to all serving qualified teachers, who have an active nasen Silver or Gold membership.

What evidence do I need to submit?

Your application and evidence must be submitted electronically and must include:

  • A narrative account / personal statement demonstrating your awareness of and commitment to inclusion (this must include reference to the Teachers’ Standards and be a maximum of 500 words)
  • Examples of how you meet the needs of children or young people with SEND (this must include example actions and their impact, relevant CPD you have undertaken and membership of at least one SEND-related professional body)
  • Examples of how you effectively work in partnership with children or young people with SEND and their families (this must include how this engagement has had a positive impact on outcomes for children and young people with SEND)
  • Endorsement from a line manager or senior leader


Further Guidance for your Application


Why do I need to submit evidence?

Unlike a pledge to a manifesto, the status of a nasen Recognised Teacher of SEND must be achieved to be meaningful. The act of reflecting upon previous professional development which has helped you to really develop your knowledge and skills is useful in itself. Just as we aim to activate prior learning and make links for our pupils, investing a little time revisiting your own prior learning experiences and measuring both their longer-term impact and your own development as a teacher can be valuable. The Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development tells us that CPD should have a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes. Revisiting your own SEND-related CPD opportunities gives you the chance to evaluate how far they have been successful in supporting this aim. From that, you might be able to see what next steps will be most useful for you if you are to truly meet the needs of all your learners and to have a wider impact.

Why encourage your teachers to become nasen Recognised?

Achieving this award with a professional body for SEND evidences your teachers’ commitment to effectively meeting the needs of their learners. Doing so can also help your school to prioritise and drive improvement in SEND.

The SEND code of practice is structured around key principles; ways of operating which can lead to the best outcomes for learners with SEND. If your school has strong partnerships with parents; promotes shared decision-making with children and young people and their parents and is committed to early identification and intervention, your teachers are likely to be great champions already of the standard which nasen wants to recognise.

Effective continuing professional development for teachers is fundamental in securing the best possible provision and outcomes for learners with different needs. Where your school is investing in this way; by structuring effective learning opportunities and supportive programmes for peer learning in SEND amongst staff, celebrate their success through nasen recognition and share this with your school community within your school’s SEN Information Report.

School leaders can reflect the recognition within their SEN Information Report thereby showcasing one way in which staff are developing and leading practice for SEND in their school.


How do I apply?

Step 1 – Membership and Payment

You must be a Silver or Gold member of nasen already. If you are not, click here to join. You then need to make your payment of £98 for your assessment. Here's how you can do this:

  • Call us on 01827 311500 to pay by card OR request an invoice
  • Send a cheque for £98 made payable to nasen to nasen House, 4/5 Amber Business Village, Amber Close, Amington, Tamworth, B77 4RP
  • Rember to tell us your full name, address, email, telephone number, nasen membership number and that your payment is for the nasen Recognised Teacher of SEND.


Step 2 – Submit Application Form

After submitting your payment, complete the following application form:

Recognised Teacher of SEND Application Form

Send all evidence along with the application form (including your endorsement) via email to the Education Team using the email subject ‘nasen Recognised Teacher of SEND’.

We will begin to process your application when everything has been received, including your payment, and will aim to contact you within 3 working weeks of receipt. If your application requires further supporting evidence, we will aim to help you to identify any areas for greater focus.