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Webinar - Implementing Effective Interventions for Support Staff

Events - 21 Jun 2017

This webinar is aimed at support staff delivering interventions. It will offer an opportunity for support staff to consider the components of implementing effective interventions, including training, planning, delivery, links to the classroom and evaluation. There will be some delivery of information and ideas, but the time will mainly be available to discuss any questions and offer each other advice and support. It links with the webinar series on using interventions to support pupils with SEND

nasen Live 2017

Events - 07 Jul 2017

We are excited to announce that nasen Live will be back again for another year and we can now reveal more details about the highly popular SEND event for 2017.

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Additional Learning Needs

Events - 14 Mar 2017

With the introduction of the new ALN and Education Tribunal (Wales) Bill there will be a new system which will replace the existing legislation surrounding special educational needs. The proposed legislation, in which the term ‘additional learning needs’ will replace ‘special educational needs’ will create a simpler, more streamlined legislative process to support children with ALN. It will include the introduction of an Individual Development Plan which will make sure the individual’s rights to

Webinar - First steps towards school self-evaluation of SEND

Events - 08 Feb 2017

Presented by Alison Wilcox, Head of Education at nasen. This webinar will look at the purpose of school self-evaluation for SEND and some of the activities with which the SENCO and other strategic leaders in school can engage to identify strengths and areas for development.

nasen Live 2016

Events - 29 Apr 2016

Nasen Live provides the opportunity for SENCOs, teachers and all practitioners to refresh and update their knowledge, learn from evidence-based practice and feel supported throughout the coming year.

Securing Excellence and Building Confidence: Teacher Development for SEND

Events - 05 Feb 2016

The nasen Leadership Conference 2016 provides an opportunity for education leaders to examine strategies to support teacher development using evidence based practice to tailor teacher/practitioner support to the needs of the setting. The ambition to provide the highest quality teaching support for all pupils can be realised by a whole school SEND strategy with teacher development at its heart.