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The Role of the Learning Support Assistant in Light of the New ALN Reform - Wrexham

Events - 13 Nov 2017

As the role of the Learning Support Assistant has developed in recent years there is an increase in the need to support children including those with additional needs. In particular, the Welsh Government’s drive to raise standards in schools and the need to tackle teacher workloads, has changed the way support staff are being deployed in schools. This conference sets out to consider the vital role Learning Support Assistants play in making a really valuable contribution to the achievement and wellbeing of pupils with ALN. In particular, the conference will focus on key elements in the learning assistant role in enabling access to the curriculum, facilitating independent learning and promoting inclusion in light of the new Welsh legislation for ALN.

Dyscalculia SEND Training

Events - 15 Nov 2017

Webinar - Universal Classroom Provision for SEND/ALN - An Introduction

Events - 29 Nov 2017

Universal classroom provision matters for children and young people with SEND/ALN. This webinar will start to explore what, why and how.

SEND Casework Award - London

Events - 19 Jan 2018

This Award is the only on-the-job training and accreditation written specifically for those directly involved in SEND casework. To date more than 50 local authorities and 375 candidates nationally have participated in the Award.

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nasen Live 2017

Events - 07 Jul 2017

We are excited to announce that nasen Live will be back again for another year and we can now reveal more details about the highly popular SEND event for 2017.

E-Learning Extra Pay As You Go: Webinar - Implementing Effective Interventions for Support Staff

Events - 21 Jun 2017

This webinar is aimed at support staff delivering interventions. It will offer an opportunity for support staff to consider the components of implementing effective interventions, including training, planning, delivery, links to the classroom and evaluation. There will be some delivery of information and ideas, but the time will mainly be available to discuss any questions and offer each other advice and support. It links with the webinar series on using interventions to support pupils with SEND, aimed at SENCOs and teachers.

Webinar - An Introduction to Using Interventions to Support Children & Young People with SEND Part 2

Events - 07 Jun 2017

Presented by Alex Grady, Education Development Officer at nasen, this webinar will be the second in a series looking at the effective use of interventions. This webinar will focus on effective implementation, asking two key questions: how can you ensure that the intervention you have chosen or designed will have the impact you need, and what do you need to do to support your staff so that this happens? This webinar is available to Gold and Silver members.

Webinar - Person Centred Working

Events - 03 May 2017

Presented by Michael Surr, Education Development Officer at nasen. In this webinar we will explore the principles of person centred practice including the importance the SEND code of practice places upon them and how they can have a positive impact on practice. We will then look at a selection of practical tools that will help you to begin working in a person centred way. This webinar is only available to Gold members.