Stephen Chamberlain appointed to lead new Expert Reference Group on Leadership of SEND

News - 06 Dec 2018

The Whole School SEND Consortium is delighted to announce the launch of four new projects, as part of their work to support all education professionals to deliver high quality SEND provision with confidence. The new projects aim to increase the confidence and skills of a wide range of education professionals – including those new to the classroom, SENCos and senior leaders.

The new Every Leader a Leader of SEND project will focus on ensuring that all school leaders are equipped to understand and demonstrate how inclusive their school is. An Expert Reference Group led by Challenger MAT CEO Stephen Chamberlain will convene from January to develop a suite of inclusion indicators and guidance for those line managing SENCos to support the SENCo to have maximum impact in the role.

As such, Whole School SEND have been recruiting individuals and organisations, including parents and educational professionals, to join them in developing a series of useful resources that will go on to help schools and settings across the country.

All this work will contribute to the successful development of the four new projects, which are:

·       To ensure leaders in SEND are equipped with the right tools and support to ensure provision for SEND in their school is efficient;

·       To build a suite of introductory videos on SEND aimed at boosting the knowledge and confidence of new teachers, which will launch in September 2019;

·       To build a suite of subject specific resources to support English and Maths teachers to deliver high quality teaching to pupils with SEND;

·       To undertake a research project to identify and highlight best practice for children identified at SEN Support who are at risk of exclusion or have been excluded from mainstream schools.

Anne Heavey, National Director of Whole School SEND said: “Building confidence and expertise around SEND in all educational professionals is a key priority for our work at Whole School SEND. I am pleased to welcome Stephen Chamberlin as chair of our new Expert Reference Group – as an experienced school and MAT leader he will lead this group to produce pragmatic and relevant guidance that busy school leaders will find meaningful and useful.

These new projects will harness and disseminate the excellent practice that already exists in many schools so that every child can access education experiences that enables them to thrive”.

There will be further announcements in the coming weeks and month inviting individuals and organisations to get involved with these projects.

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