New Capital Funding for SEND

News - 13 Mar 2017

The DfE has announced a £215 million funding boost for SEND which it is hoped will create more school places and improve facilities. We look at what this could be spent on, and how much each local authority will receive.

On 4th March, Edward Timpson (Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families) announced a new fund of £215 million which is to go to local councils to spend as they wish on high-needs children and young people ie. those with Education, Health and Care Plans. The only restriction is that this is a capital fund so must be used to expand places and improve provision. Every LA (except City of London and Isles of Scilly) will receive at least £500,000. The money is not ring-fenced.
This funding can be spent in mainstream schools, special schools and settings, and across the whole age rage from 0 - 25.
Some of the suggestions the DfE makes for spending include:
 - building new specialised classrooms
 - expanding existing classrooms to make them more accessible for mobility aids
 - putting in lifts
 - purchasing mobility equipment etc
There is an expectation that LAs will consult with parents, carers, schools, young people and others to determine how the funding should be spent, and they must publish a short plan detailing this.
If you want to find out how much money your LA will receive, go to the excel spreadsheet in this link:
As nasen's Alison Wilcox said on BBC Breakfast on the morning of the announcement, it will be really important to look at needs across a whole area, rather than in individual schools and settings, if this money is to have the greatest impact on children and young people. It is also clear that this funding will not meet all needs, as this would require a much larger investment, but it is a welcome addition to every LA's funding streams.

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