Introducing nasen’s first series of webcasts

News - 08 May 2017

We are excited to announce that our first series of webcasts are now available.

The webcasts, which are all part of nasen’s new bank of e-learning resources are short, ‘bite-sized’ videos exploring different aspects of provision, practice, theory and policy for SEND.

This first series is based on ‘observation’ and offers ideas for how the SENCO can use observation to inform and enrich the overall picture of SEND provision in their school or setting.

Three of the four webcasts look at different opportunities for observation, with the first in the series considering why observation is useful but also introducing some of the reasons to be cautious around the use of it.

Although part of a series, each of the first 4 webcasts stand alone and are designed to help SENCOs and other leaders to reflect upon their own school or setting.

Please note that nasen webcasts are available to silver and gold nasen members only. If you would like to become a member, or upgrade your bronze membership, please call us on 01827 311500 or by email.


Webcast One:  Observation (AVAILABLE NOW)
Description:  This webcast will look at the reasons for using observation as a school self-evaluation tool for SEND but also why some caution may be necessary.
Webcast Two:  Lessons and small group or 1-1 sessions (AVAILABLE NOW)
Description:  This webcast will look at observation in formal learning situations, considering possible areas of focus.

Webcast Three:  Across the school day (AVAILABLE NOW)
Description:  This webcast will look at the opportunities for observation as a tool for SEND self-evaluation across the school day.

Webcast Four:  360 degrees (AVAILABLE NOW)
Description:  This webcast will look at observation as a tool for SEND self-evaluation in relation to understanding the pupil’s experience of their school.

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