Free SEND training for all practitioners

News - 28 Jan 2016


Nasen to launch ‘Focus on SEND’ - DfE funded online CPD for all mainstream teachers.

With funding from the DfE, nasen has developed an offer of free online CPD for all mainstream settings across England. This offer called ‘Focus on SEND’ is based on sound principles, identified by various research, of what constitutes good CPD.

The CPD will take a practice led, enquiry-based approach and consist of approximately 9 hours of learning which will be available 24 hours a day.  There will be 6 modules, the first 5 of which will have knowledge based content, practical activities for the learner to work through in their setting and guidance for reflection in order to support the practitioner in consolidating their learning. Learners will record their reflections in a virtual learning log which could be used as part of their performance management process.

Modules will cover: high quality practice and what this means for SEND, identifying needs and the role of assessment, the process for arriving at meaningful outcomes, participation and engagement, both of children and young people and of their parents and families, meeting needs and how the cycle of assess, plan, do, review can be used to best effect.

Alison Wilcox, nasen’s Education Development Officer says:

“Few professionals are as time-poor as those who teach and so it was vital for this learning opportunity to fit in with that which is already happening in schools and settings; using this daily experience to inform and develop the best practice for meeting the needs of children and young people with SEND.”

Read more about why we need to invest in SEN CPD for teachers and practitioners in our online blog.

Focus on SEND training will be launched at the nasen live in April 2016. To register interest and receive a notification when the CPD goes live please email a member of our Education Development team.

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