Free online eLearning module for SEMH

News - 23 Aug 2017

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has launched their first ever free online elearning module aimed at schools and non-specialist staff working with children and young people, called 'Measuring Mental Wellbeing to Improve the Lives of Children and Young People.'

‘Measuring mental wellbeing to improve the lives of children and young people’ aims to educate non-specialised and school staff working in children and young people’s mental health in the benefits of measuring and monitoring mental wellbeing over time. This free interactive short course focuses on the effective use of outcome measurement outlined in 6 parts:
  1. Understanding mental wellbeing
  2. Introduction to outcome measures
  3. The benefits of measuring mental wellbeing
  4. Selecting and using measures
  5. Best practice using measures
  6. Using and interpreting data
This course features engaging quizzes and activities to illustrate how staff can choose and use outcome measures to monitor wellbeing and how to analyse wellbeing information to demonstrate impact.
The Learning Network has produced a wealth of free materials for primary schools as part of our upcoming ‘You’re never too young to talk mental health’campaign including a free Teacher Toolkit, Talking Mental Health animations and 4 free workshops in London, Newcastle, Birmingham and Manchester.  For further details regarding the campaign or to book a place at an event.

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