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  • 04 Jan 2017
  • By Michael Surr
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Find out the latest news about nasen's current DfE project.

Writing this at the beginning of a new year means it is the perfect time for taking stock.  Work on nasen’s current DfE project has been going apace and looking back over the past few months it is encouraging and rewarding to see how far we have come.  Everything is on track for successful completion and launch at the end of March 2017.

The overall project, which is jointly led by London Leadership Strategy (LLS) and nasen, has seen the creation of the Whole School SEND consortium (see www.wholeschoolsend.com for more information about the group and its aims) and seeks to utilise school to school support through the development of the London Leadership Strategy SEND Review process. 

The project looks at SEND in terms of classroom practice, transition to adulthood and use of teaching assistants with the aim being to develop a process for school to school support which will facilitate development of good practice in these areas through use of the SEND Review.

Part of nasen’s particular focus is on pulling together the wealth of information, resources and providers that already exist and matching them to the 8 focus areas of the LLS SEND Review.  This means that schools will easily be able to find relevant material to support areas of development identified through a review of SEND. 

To make the results of the project as accessible as possible, the SEND Gateway is currently being developed to enable hosting of the completed work.  This will see the creation of a brand-new section of the Gateway dedicated to the SEND Review. 

The most exciting element is that, as part of the new section described above, schools will be able to share their own examples of effective practice for each of the 8 SEND review areas.  This means that as well as research and other published information being available, schools will be able to access examples of practice from settings just like theirs.  They will also be able to respond to these examples e.g. offering suggestions for adaptations or asking questions to clarify particular points.  nasen is working closely with representatives from schools and as well as its partners in the Whole School SEND consortium, to ensure that this new area is simple to use and school friendly; it is our hope that it will facilitate the development of a school led, interactive and nationwide learning community.

As the new section won’t be live until the end of March, there is still time for more schools to be involved.  In order for the new area of the SEND Gateway to be beneficial from the very beginning, we are looking for schools to submit examples of their good practice for SEND prior to the launch.  If you would like to be involved and want to know more, please email us.

Watch out for a feature on the project in the March edition of ‘nasen Connect’.  

Michael Surr - Education Development Officer

Michael has a background in primary education both in the UK and abroad and has worked as a class teacher, SENCo and Deputy Head. Since 2008 Michael worked for Birmingham Local Authority as part of the leadership team of a SEN advisory service developing schools’ provision for children and young people with SEN. Michael was seconded to nasen in August 2015 to work on the DfE funded project to develop a nationwide offer of free online CPD for all practitioners in sectors from 0 – 25.

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