Rochford Review Consultation Response

  • 20 Jun 2017
  • By Alison Wilcox
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The Rochford Review recommendations consultation closes on 22nd June. Thank you for your contribution to nasen's response.

The DfE have been consulting on some of the recommendations within the Rochford Review of assessment for pupils working below the standard of national curriculum tests. This consultation closes on 22nd June and nasen have been gathering the views of our members to inform our response. Thank you to those members who have shared their views through our online survey or through our Advisory Group meeting.

Some of the recommendations have stimulated great debate within and across the profession, with polarised viewpoints emerging. One of the most divisive aspects is around the requirement for schools to report the results of statutory assessment for children working on non subject-specific learning.

On one hand where reporting happens for some children then surely it should happen for all? On the other hand, the reporting of statutory assessment data is largely about accountability so where this data may relate to attainment and progress profiles for which the analysis has value dependent upon a contextualised narrative then it could be counter-productive to try to use it for national comparison. We are keen to make the point that all attainment and progress must be valued whilst acknowledging that collection and aggregation of such data should be dependent upon the purpose.

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We would like to say that we are committed to fairly representing the views of our members. In this case we have tried to do that whilst noting that those views have been quite varied. We do understand that you might feel strongly about an aspect of our response which is in contrast to the view you hold and we would welcome your comments and are happy to refer to them within our membership magazine, nasen Connect, where, undoubtedly, this debate will continue!


Alison Wilcox - Head of Education

Alison joined nasen in November 2014 as their Head of Education and contributes to the strategic direction of the Association; working to make the vision of securing the best possible outcomes for children and young people a reality.

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