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How do we move forward with SEND?

  • 12 Sep 2017
  • By Michael Surr
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It is clear that, in England, the still recent reforms to legislation for SEND are not working as they should for all children and young people. Is this the whole story?

School to School Support

  • 29 Aug 2017
  • By Michael Surr
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With the move towards a school-led, self-sustaining system of school improvement, it is essential that effective working relationships between settings are cultivated, grown and maintained.

Rochford Review Consultation Response

  • 20 Jun 2017
  • By Alison Wilcox
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The Rochford Review recommendations consultation closes on 22nd June. Thank you for your contribution to nasen's response.

Update on nasen's latest project

  • 04 Jan 2017
  • By Michael Surr
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Find out the latest news about nasen's current DfE project.

My first six weeks at nasen

  • 24 Oct 2016
  • By Alex Grady
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My first six weeks here at nasen have flown past! I have been taken on to work as part of the Education Team on a new project, so it’s been straight in at the deep end. It’s very different to being in a school setting (where I worked in my previous role as SEN Outreach leader) but it is exciting.

Nurture Groups

  • 08 Aug 2016
  • By Sue Nicholls
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Sue Nicholls, a member of nasen's Birth to Eleven Advisory Group, presents a short guide to the practicalities of setting up a nurture group in her blog.

Six ways your setting could use the free CPD ‘Focus On SEND’

  • 11 Jul 2016
  • By Alison Wilcox
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How the CPD could be useful for staff in your school or setting

The Goddard Inquiry – what you need to know

  • 05 Jul 2016
  • By Carolyn Eyre
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A national, public inquiry into non-recent organised or institutional child sexual abuse and the failure of institutions to protect children.

Interview with Gillian Beck – Up and coming Nasen NI president 2016/17

  • 29 Jun 2016
  • By Sharon Kennedy
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Sharon Kennedy interviews new nasen NI president Gillian Beck

What does academisation mean for children and young people with SEND?

  • 10 May 2016
  • By Adam Boddison
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The government has watered down its decision to force all schools in England to become Academies by 2022, stating now that the best schools can choose whether or not they want to convert.