The national funding formula for schools and high needs: a summary

News - 20 Sep 2017

The policy document setting out the government's new national funding formula for schools and high needs has been released. We provide a summary here.

The core schools and high needs budget will see an increase of £2.6 billion by 2019-2020.
  • the minimum per pupil funding in secondary schools will be £4,800 by 2020
  • the minimum per pupil funding in primary schools will be £3,500 by 2020
  • every school will see an increase in its budget
  • LAs will set local formulae for individual school in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020
  • the schools block will be ring-fenced but up to 0.5% can be transferred, for example, to the high needs block
  • a fourth block is to be created in the Dedicated Schools Grant: the 'central schools services' block
  • every school is to receive a lump sum of £110,000
  • no school will lose funding because of the new formula
Additional and high needs:
  • every LA will have more than its current planned spending, in proportion to population changes
  • the amount to be spent on additional needs by LAs is to be protected
  • an increased proportion of additional needs spending is to be allocated on the basis of low prior attainment
  • the funding floor will be raised by 0.5% in 2018-2019 and by 1.0% in 2019-2020
  • no LA will go below the 2017-2018 funding floor even if they have falling numbers
  • guidance will be released later this month regarding the distribution of HN funding to schools and colleges

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