The independent evaluation report into nasen's EY SEND Resources is published

LKMCo have carried out independent research into the effectiveness of nasen's DfE-funded Early Years SEND Resources. Find out what the research tells us.

nasen has been working with the Early Years sector to produce a suite of free, online resources to support practitioners. The resources include 20 webcasts, 4 miniguides, Focus On SEND online course, and materials to help you deliver 5 hours of face-to-face CPD.

If you accessed these resources, you may have completed one or more of the surveys; this report is the result of the analysis of these surveys, and we will be using the findings to help us continue to develop effective resources for our members.

Highlights from the report include the fact that 100% of respondents found the resources high quality and useful. Those aspects that were particularly valued were: 'the clarity of information set out in the resources', 'the ability to save the resources for future reference or for dissemination', and that the resources form a 'free and accessible navigable hub for information on SEND'.

Some direct quotes from the interviews:

'An invaluable resource to use just to refresh the skills of staff.'

'There's a better understanding now I think of differentiation.'

'I have the confidence now to support a child that might have SEN inmy setting and how I can do that.'

The resources are 'clear, well-designed, informative , acccessible and easy to use.'

If you haven't yet used these free resources, have a look at them on the Early Years page.



EY SEND Resources independent evaluation report from LKMCo.pdf


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