P Scales published, but no changes

News - 15 Jun 2017

The DfE has published 'Performance - P Scale - attainment targets for pupils with special educational needs', but there are no changes from the last version (2014).

It seems likely that the P Scales have been re-issued to reassure schools that these remain in place for statutory reporting at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for this year. There has been some uncertainty since the publication of the Rochford Review recommendations, which suggested that the P Scales be removed from statutory reporting at the end of key stages; however, these are still just recommendations, and the reporting arrangements remain the same as last year i.e. report on P Scales, or the Interim Pre-Key Stage Standards for those pupils working above P Scales but below the level of the NC tests.
We hope to find out later this year what the arrangements will be going forward, when the primary assessment consultation, which includes the Rochford Review recommendations, is reported.


View the June 2017 P Scales

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