New EEF funding round to improve outcomes for pupils with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)

News - 25 Oct 2018

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is launching a new funding round testing different approaches to improving attainment and other outcomes for children with SEND.

Official figures show there is a larger attainment gap for pupils with SEND than for any other group. Pupils with SEND are also twice as likely to come from disadvantaged homes, (27% of pupils with SEND are eligible for free school meals compared to 12% of all other pupils) so often face a double disadvantage in the classroom. 

To date, the EEF’s funding has focused on improving the outcomes of socio-economically disadvantaged pupils. Much of this work – particularly around the effective use of teaching assistants – has generated evidence schools can apply to support the teaching of pupils with SEND. However, this is the first time the EEF has focused a funding round specifically on improving outcomes for pupils with SEND. This round will aim to generate both useful evidence for practitioners, and insights about how to conduct rigorous evaluation in this area.

Successful projects might include whole-school programmes, teacher training programmes, or targeted interventions for pupils with particular needs. The EEF is also hoping to fund pilots of interventions working in special schools, to find out how feasible it is to evaluate approaches in these settings using the EEF’s approach.

The funding round will be open from 17 October until 14 January 2019 at 5pm.

For information on how to get involved, visit the EEF website

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