Government responds to Bercow: 10 Years On

The Bercow: 10 Years On report was published in March 2018; today, Nadhim Zahawi and Caroline Dinenage publish a letter in response.

The letter, addressed to Bob Reitemeier of ICAN and Kamini Gadhock of the RCSLT, details what measures the government has taken to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND, and particularly with SLCN, over the years since the original Bercow Review. These include:

  •  The SEND Reforms, including the SEND Code of Practice 2015
  • SEND leadership training for all local authorities
  • Supoprt from CDC and Contact to promote joint working in LAs
  • Local Area SEND inspections, which are proving to be an important driver for change
  • Actions to promote social mobility, including professional development for early years professionals in early language and literacy
  • Investment in evidence-based practice such as through the EEF
  • A focus in Opportunity Areas on the development of speech, language and communication
  • Improved support for mental health in children and young people

Government response to Bercow 10 years on


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