EPI report: 'The system continues to fail to meet the needs of certain children including those with SEND.'

News - 04 Aug 2017

A report from the Education Policy Institute, 'Closing the Gap? Trends in Educational Attainment and Disadvantage', shows that the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged groups is closing in some areas, while in others it is growing. One of these 'disadvantaged' groups is children with SEND.

The report looks in detail at each local authority area, comparing outcomes in early years, primary and secondary between those children who are classed as 'disadvantaged' and those who are not. The headline is that the gap is closing, but at a very slow rate, by the end of secondary school (GCSEs); at the current rate, it would take fifty years for the gap to close completely. There is also significant regional variation.

Within this data, the report goes into more detail about specific groups, including those with SEND (from page 36 of the report). Children with SEND are found across the whole attainment distribution, although it is probably nor surprising that they disproportionately cluster at the lower end. But there is wide variety, depending upon the category of need, but also on geographical variations in levels of need required for identification, and in levels of support.

The EPI states that they are going to look into this area in more depth when they begin research into Vulnerable Learners at the end of this year; this will be worth looking out for once published.

Today's report states: 'The system continues to fail to meet the needs of certain children including those with SEND.'

Read the report; you can find out how your local authority area performs in comparison to others and the data is broken down into early years, primary and secondary outcomes.

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