Contribute to research on the use of the SEND Review Guide in school-based sixth-form settings

News - 29 Oct 2018

Would you like to take part in research examining the use of the SEND Review Guide in school-based sixth-form settings?

The aim of this strand of work, led by Achievement for All, is to assess whether the SEND Review Guide can be applied to school-based sixth form settings. This is to contribute to the wider aim of the project that schools and other settings are enabled to assess their SEND provision and upskill their staff with relevant training according to their findings. It will feed into the wider research work being undertaken by University College London’s Centre for Inclusive Education. Settings will receive a free-of-charge SEND Review by an experienced practitioner and will be expected to contribute reflections to reports on the suitability of the SEND Review Guide to the sixth form setting.

Achievement for All school sixth-form Advert

Achievement for All school based sixth form EOI

To apply, please fill in an Expression of Interest form and send via email to Lisa Knowles and Charlotte Rains.

For any questions about applications or more information about the process please contact Lisa Knowles

Closing date for applications 7th December 2018. 


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