Adoption UK launches its report, 'Bridging the Gap'

The report warns that many adopted children, who have often had traumatic early years, are struggling to cope emotionally at school and are failing academically as a result. As there is a significant overlap between adoption and SEND, this is of great interest to everyone in the sector.

The report describes a school environment that is failing children and teachers; it identifies significant gaps in understanding, empathy and resources that are preventing adopted children from having an equal chance to succeed at school. The findings of Adoption UK's survey of almost 4,000 adoptive parents and children included:

  • 79% of the children felt routinely 'confused and worried' at school
  • Two thirds of secondary aged children said they felt bullied at school for being adopted
  • Three quarters of young respondents said they did not feel their teachers understood how to support them.

Earlier Adoption UK research has shown that adopted children are 20 times more likely to be permanently excluded from school than their classmates and they are much more likely to leave school with no qualifications.

Adoption UK proposes three key changes which would benefit all traumatised children, not only those who have been adopted:

  • A specialist programme of CPD to equip all educators to support traumatised children
  • More emphasis on emotional and social skills
  • Ensuring that all children can access the same level of specialist support in school no matter where they live in the UK

The report kick-starts the 'Equal Chance' campaign, in which Adoption UK is calling on UK governments to re-think the way we are educating our most vulnerable children and to address the shortfall in vital support needed in schools.

Read the full report.



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