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ISEC2015 Lisbon

nasen Awards 2009 shortlist

nasen Awards 2009nasen awards 09

The Special Educational Needs Academic Book

Judges: Gill Minikin, Klaus Wedell, Christopher Robertson


Multiprofessional Communication-Making systems work for children 
Georgina Glenny and Caroline Roaf Open University Press

Disability Classification in Education – Issues and Perspectives
Lani Florian and Margaret J McLaughlin Sage Publications

Improving Inter-professional Collaborations – Multi-agency working for children’s wellbeing
Anne Edwards, Harry Daniels, Tony Gallagher, Jane Leadbetter, Paul Warmington Routledge

The Inclusive Children’s Book

Judges: Alexandra Strick, Ros Bartlett, Kathy Saunders, current and former pupils of The Earls High School, West Midlands, pupils of Treloar College, Hampshire


Running On The Cracks
Julia Donaldson Egmont

Zelah Green, Queen of Clean
Vanessa Curtis Egmont

Lizzie Finlay Red Fox

Book to Support Teaching and Learning - The Educational Practitioner’s Book

Judges:  Pearl Barnes, Martin Edmonds, Mary Cruickshank


Education Support Pack for Further Education
UK Education Consortium for pupils with Down syndrome Down’s Syndrome Association

Penny Tassoni’s Practical EYFS Handbook
Penny Tassoni Heinemann

The Jungle Journey
Helen Burrows, Sara Christie, Sara Orr, Yvette Ostermeyer LDA

Supporting Speech, Language and Communication Needs
Kate Ripley, Jenny Barrett Sage Publications

Book to Support Teaching and Learning – Pupil Book

Judges: Linda Evans, Anita Devi, John Perry


A Brief Guide to Successful Learning or I Wish I’d Known This Years Ago
Rebecca Thomas, edited by Alex Griffiths and Betsy Langford The Educational Guidance Service

Play on Numbers Series
Hannah Kovacs Axis Education Ltd

National Geographic Personalised Learning Theme Sets:
Extreme Weather series by Josie Green, and
Cells at Work Series by Ralph Mitchell

Book to Promote Professional Development

Judges: Roberta Fulford, David Ryan, David Blow


A Beginning Teacher’s Guide to Special Educational Needs
Janice Wearmouth Open University Press

The SENCo Handbook (Fifth Edition) Working within a Whole-School Approach
Elizabeth Cowne Routledge

Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Diversity (Second Edition)
Norah Frederickson and Tony Cline Open University Press

Effective Multi-Agency Partnerships – Putting Every Child Matters into Practice
Rita Cheminais Sage Publications

Inclusive Primary Classroom Resource

Judges: Debbie Buckingham, Jennie Cross, Jan Kitchin


Storyshaping Set
Julia Damassa and Meg Jones Yellow Door

Come Alive Phonics Complete Set
Tim Harding Yellow Door

RecorderPen Special Education Pack
Mantra Lingua

Challenge Me! Speech and Communication Cards
Amanda Elliott Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Winners will be announced on Friday October 16th

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