About Us

Vision and Mission


To deliver outstanding training and professional development for education professionals


To publish high quality research, information, advice and guidance for education professionals


To provide a national and international voice for a growing nasen membership


To offer SEND/ALN consultancy services, including high level policy reform and bespoke professional development


To diversify and increase nasen's revenue streams and to control costs through efficient operational practices

Values: we believe that…
  • Every human being has an entitlement to personal, social and intellectual development and must be given the opportunity to achieve his/her potential in learning.
  • Every human being is unique in terms of characteristics, interests, abilities, motivation and learning needs.
  • Those with additional learning needs and/or disabilities should have access to high quality and appropriate education.
  • Promoting the interests of those with special/additional educational needs and/or disabilities requires a number of approaches including motivating, engaging, equipping and supporting professional practitioners and policy makers.
Nasen membership

Nasen membership is an invaluable source of advice, offering an exclusive and vital range of benefits to meet the needs of the pupils in schools and settings through promoting education, training, development and support. We provide support both at a strategic level and day-to-day in the classroom for all practitioners including SENCOs, leaders, teachers, governors and teaching assistants.