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ISEC2015 Lisbon

2011 writing competition

Story Writing competition - nasen/Smart Kids

Nasen and Smart Kids have teamed up to bring you their very first Story Writing Competition, under the inclusion theme of ‘We All Matter’ The competition is based on the exciting new Feelings and Emotions Cards from Smart Kids, which are photo cards with discussion points and story writing ideas.

What it’s all about?

Choose a Feelings and Emotions card that interests you and create a story based on that card. It can be based experiences you may have experienced, or completely fictional. The story can be created in any medium you can think of. It can be written, or typed, it can be a voice recording, or perhaps a reading on video, or even a short play. You can create a comic strip or short graphic novel. The entry is limited only by your imagination, just as long as the judges are able to interpret or read the story.

There are two categories available:

• Primary Schools (5-11 years)
• Secondary Schools (12-16 years)

If you are a pupil in a primary or secondary school in the UK and are 16 or under, you are eligible to enter.


1st Prize: A £250 Smart Kids voucher to the school and one £50 gift voucher to the pupil in each category.
Highly Commended: 5 £10 gift vouchers in each category.

How to Enter:

Your teacher can download a selection of the Feelings and Emotions cards here:

 Card 1, Card 2, Card 3 

Entry Sheet

Alternatively visit  or they can buy the pack of cards from Smart Kids quoting code PS01.

When you have finished your story, please send it with the attached entry sheet to:

Story Writing Competition, nasen, Nasen House, 4/5 Amber Business Village, Amber Close, Amington, Tamworth, Staffs. B77 4RP.


The closing date for the competition is 19th March 2011.

If you are writing your entry, please make sure it is not over 500 words long. If you are recording or acting your story, please keep it no longer than two minutes.

For full terms and conditions click here, or visit, or ask for a copy to be sent to you by calling 01488 644644.

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